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Spiritual Psychotherapy, Energy Psychology for the Mind, Body and Spirit to bring about Transformational Healing when you EMBRACE YOUR EMOTIONS you EMPOWER YOUR SOUL.

But first, through the enlightened empathy and spiritual guidance of Di Riseborough, Intuitive Life Strategist & Transformational Healer as featured on Oprah’s OWN Network’s “Life Story Project”.

You must learn to find the COURAGE to FORGIVE

Di Riseborough, Intuitive Life Strategist & Transformational Healer featured here on the Oprah’s OWN network’s “Life Story Project”

A complimentary 15 minute inspirational interlude with Di is already yours if you are serious about making a change in your life!

The world today seems fraught with fear and frustration, uncontrolled anger and dissatisfaction. So many searching on the outside to heal a numbness on the inside, unhappy with their health, jobs, relationships, experiencing issues with intimacy, crippled by low self-esteem.

The self-help literature promises the answers….

How can I be happy? Make more money? Lose weight faster? How do you find a man?

Sure you can find a fleeting gratification in the external but yet there’s always that uncertain something lacking. You wonder what are you missing? Just what do you need? Where, oh where are you going wrong?


– Commit to forgiving and facing your fears


– Open to different perspectives and positive possibilities


– Use your mistakes to learn, empathize and grow


– Release the control the offending person or situation has over your life and reclaim your power


– Acknowledge and deal with your feelings to initiate transformational change


– Gratitude is the attitude that propels you forward. Be grateful for lessons learned


– Empower Yourself. Turn fear into a motivator or forgiveness becomes your ticket to freedom

As a Psychotherapist in London Ontario, Galvanized by my own life story’s formidable lessons, I am now committed to assisting you in making positive changes and better choices by acting as an emotional compass helping you navigate life’s challenges.

Together, we can free up, and work through all those impacted emotions, currently obstructing you from the worthy fulfilled life you desire and definitely deserve.

Fast track to using my proven strategies right now. Simply enter your contact information in the space at the side and I will send you my Assessment to Uncover the 3 Fears that Sabotage your Success, Happiness and Abundance absolutely FREE of charge.

When I give you THE KEY to Courage and Confidence…
When I show you the secret to self Awareness…
Just imagine what your life could be like…

When your outmoded beliefs, your suppressed feelings are brought to the surface and addressed, the subsequent healing opens up a totally new and different perspective, enabling you to now

  • Live life on your terms free of bitterness, frustration & resentment
  • Learn how to say “NO” without guilt, express yourself proudly & truthfully without shame, or regrets
  • Be true to yourself, making the right decisions for YOU, unfettered by others’ expectations
  • Greet each morning with more clarity, more balance, & a joyous sense of purpose & renewed mental health
  • Attract all you desire, the best life partner, career, home, the perfect body for you

As your transformational guide, we together, will jumpstart your personal journey back to the real essence of YOU and what you truly need and intrinsically desire. Using my uniquely personalized approach to Psychotherapy , Integral Breath TherapyLife Coaching, I blend my intuition with my healing talents, and hard won life wisdom to help you face your anxiety and fears, and confront your pent-up feelings.

You may be feeling LOST, but you are NOT alone.

It is only by recognizing these inner emotional blocks, and ultimately releasing them, that you can learn to come from a place of love, not ego, and unlock your passion for life.

Perhaps you feel you’ve lost the sense of the person you used to be. You hear the whisper of your soul & you crave a stronger connection with your inner self. Intrinsically you know you could truly make a difference in the world.

The Question is… where to begin?

Right here, with your complimentary consultation with Di. If you are truly serious about wanting to make changes in your life, will you invest 15 minutes towards living a better life?

  • Tired of going round in circles, overwhelmed with your responsibilities, overcome with feelings of doubt, lack of self confidence, held back by some nameless something that prevents you from moving ahead?
  • Frustrated by the frantic treadmill of modern society, struggling to find a positive intimate relationship, wishing to enjoy a satisfying, nurturing family life, and still balance it all with a fulfilling, successful career?
  • Looking for something more profound and personal than the popular publicized path to self improvement, the seminars, the workshops, the channeled books, something that will truly inspire YOU to revel in self love, and get past your feelings of unworthiness and limiting beliefs?

You’re not alone.

I, too, have struggled with feelings of emotional burn out, resenting that I was always the one taking care of other people, seeing to their needs, supporting their dreams, with no time to replenish and reflect upon my own. I watched a selfish, senseless, brutal act of violence tear my entire family apart, threatening to destroy our souls, and crush our spirits. I have been down, and in darkness, but when I finally found the keys to self understanding, when I finally found the courage to face my fears, my pain & challenges, that’s when I was given the ultimate gift. I learned to forgive myself & others, and my life path became cleaner, clearer and a joy to walk.

Join me now if you are ready to invest in changing your life, for your inspirational quarter hour complimentary consultation.

I am here to help you ready yourself to receive this ultimate gift as well. Forgiveness… of yourself, and others is the basis from which all other rewards flow.

As we work together to remove your long standing emotional roadblocks, you will see the “new you” emerge in its own perfect time. The transition, between where you are now and where you wish to be, will be a journey filled with clarity and insights.

Working together you will come to understand yourself, your needs & boundaries. Soon, liberated from past negative emotions & stress impeding your success, you will be free to attract all you desire, the best life partner, career, home, the perfect body for you, and all the abundance you deserve.

Please, make the best decision for yourself now. Click Here

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