“This too shall pass………”

We’ve all experienced difficult times in our lives, often through events and circumstances outside our control. But like great trees, humans grow stronger when exposed to powerful winds. When extreme, unexpected, life changing, or scary things happen, how can we not only survive them but also grow from the experience? Here are 10 suggestions for dealing with the hard times when they happen:

  1. Take responsibility and embrace the situation

Assume an “I can do something” attitude rather than pointing fingers. Its natural to numb in the beginning. Instead rather than avoid what is happening when you recognize that you’re in a trying time and accept that you can’t change it, you’re no longer a prisoner to your situation. You free yourself to deal the best you can with the challenge ahead of you. If nothing else, you can control your own response to the situation.

  1. Try to see past the hardship

When you’re in a crisis, it’s hard to see any upside. But, with some distance, you may be able to see the situation in a different light. When you compartmentalize the difficulty, you can focus on a workable solution. “Take a ‘crisis break’ in which you relax and observe the situation as if you were an outsider. Take several deep breaths to calm your nervous system down, silence the mind and focus on your intuition. You are very likely to derive some useful thoughts you would not have come upon within the midst of your anxious state.

  1. Be optimistic, look for the lessons in what is happening

The ultimate belief in life as positive, even with hard-times and troubles, will result in positive behaviors and positive actions.

  1. Prioritize self-care

Self-care is absolutely necessary to survive tough situations. You won’t be of any help to others if you are incapacitated and drained. If you can’t go to the gym for an hour, take a 10- to 15-minute walk around the block to “relieve physical tension and clear the cobwebs in your mind. You need to pace yourself and take the necessary time to rest to reboot your mind and body.

  1. Think creatively

Approach the problem from new and different directions. Trust your creativity

  1. Take action

Handling the day-to-day details can keep you from getting bogged down in the mud of adversity. Determine what can be done, and do it.

  1. See the bigger picture & long time view

Remember that “this too shall pass.” Recount other times when you have overcome challenges.

  1. Maintain a sense of humour

Even in the darkest times, laughter can help ease the pain. Find activities that brighten your mood and day.

  1. Ask for help

Get support. No need to do it alone. You might assume that you can and should handle this difficult time on your own. Many people do. We need to relinquish control, ask for help, and receive it with grace. When asking for help, you may need to be direct. Let others know what you need, such as “support and compassion,” and what you don’t need.

10. Don’t quit
Persistence may be the greatest of human qualities that help us overcome adversity. Have faith and believe in yourself. You have survived life to this point .


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