This morning, as I was drinking my coffee, I was thinking , boy  there are days and then there are days!!! You know what I mean. Don’t you wish life could be a little smoother? 

I know we all have our challenges and sometimes I just need some support and guidance along the way. You know there’s supposed to be more to life-more joy, more fun, more fulfillment, more abundance -but you just don’t know how to create that. Life gets in the way and then we blink and 10years have passed! Yikes!

I thought to myself, how amazing would it be to share with you something that I know might benefit you today……which inspired me to want to do this!

Hi I am Di and I used to be a People Pleaser…yip little old me. Of course trying to do everything so as not to rock the boat, or to make people happy with my work, worry about other people’s need before mine etc was eventually draining …can you relate?  So one day I decided that was it as if i begged to ask myself the question…who’s live am I really living? …it certainly was not mine or what i really hoped it to be. So it was time to change those patterns and behaviours but where to begin?. I stumbled along the way but eventually found mentors who took me under their wings and guided me through many challenges all the while bringing about more self awareness.

Years later I am happy to say my people pleasing days are about 95% over and I am living my life on my terms and this is why I want to assist you in doing the same. Do you want to be on your death bed regretting the fact you lived life based on other people’s expectation?

If the answer is NO….then are you ready to Learn the tools and patterns of thinking to cultivate more beauty in your life, build confidence, escape from toxic relationships, move through pain and conflict, forgive people who have hurt you and uncover your highest purpose in life.

I know the first step to transforming any part of my life was to open my arms and allow myself to receive the gifts that the Universe brings my way. And this might be one for you too. With over 25 years of knowledge and wisdom I have developed a treasure trove of supportive resources to help you: 

  • remind you of your magnificence by improving your self esteem & confidence
  • create a success and abundance mindset by stopping self sabotage
  • open your heart to love and healing by dealing with stress, anxiety & grief
  • transform your precious relationships and let go of toxic ones
  • live an authentic life on your terms and not what’s expected of you
  • heal your old stories and emotional pain
  • empower you to make healthier choices
  • find balance in your life & reduce overwhelm
  • find and live your purpose & feel passionate about life
  • awaken your intuitive power
  • and so much more


You don’t have to walk the path alone. The Universe/God is knocking at your door with an abundance of resources to support YOU to live your best life –if you are listening. But you have to take inspired action to answer the door today. What do you want your 2016 to look like? The same as 2015 or are you sick and tired of not moving forward?

This powerful offering won’t last long, its for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! I know how full life (and your inbox) can get, but this is one opportunity you don’t want to put off, do it now. You are worth the time. Once the doors close, it will be too late to claim this offer and the value it will bring to you. Take the time today to check it out :


It’s not about being just existing in life, it’s about being in control — control of your emotions, control of yourself, control of your life. And with control comes power — power to create whatever life it is you desire. 

So I am extending an invitation to you to JOIN me & people who have decided to make the most of their life in 2016. You CAN influence your own life, and make a difference to others as well. It starts with a single inspired action.

Eg: I love myself therefore I get enough sleep

  • Accept your needs & honour them

We all have needs we want met. Sometimes we might not be in touch with what those are so at the key here is to feel your feelings, instead of numbing them. Validate them and honour your needs

  • Embrace your Humanness

Acknowledge you are human. Accept setbacks and move forward instead of being taken away with it. Always approve of YOU  and avoid needless self-criticism. Take the lesson learnt and use it as a spring board instead of allowing it to become quicksand.

And last but not least something i find that helps me is the Ho’oponopono ritual: I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you. I find that always helps as I love myself enough to hear those words.

To your beautiful, imperfect you,



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