Breaking Free of the Codependent Trap:

Healing the relationship with yourself and others


  • Our Relationships, Our Health, Our Finances,

Our Self-Confidence and Our Future

Men and women who suffer from codependency have magnified feelings of shame, fear, anger, pain and guilt. They often find themselves in a heightened state of anxiety.

    When people think about Codependency they seldom see that most of us have traits that show up in our relationships. If there is conflict in our relationships there more than likely is co dependency at work whether we recognize it or not.

    So how can you tell if your relationship is unhealthy? Here’s a list of common feelings and symptoms associated with codependency. You may be in a codependent relationship if you identify with any of the following statements:

    You play the role of caregiver in your family or with your partner.

    You have a hard time leaving relationships, even if they are unhealthy.
    No matter how hard you try, nothing you do is ever good enough.

    You find it difficult to speak what I truly feel or ask for what I need

    You’re a classic peacekeeper and people-pleaser.

    You spend a lot of time trying to conform or balance other people’s wishes and preferences.
    You’re always smiling and try to appear cheery, even when you’re feeling mad or sad.

    Anxiety is the emotion you feel most often in some of your relationships.
    You feel devalued or disrespected at times with certain relationships.


    In this therapeutic, experiential and educational workshop, you will learn:

    •Understand the true nature of codependency and why it is so common

    •The classic characteristics and behaviors that occur in relationships, within belief systems

    •The origin of these behaviors, and how they play out in your own life.

    •How to spot codependent characteristics in your children, partners, family members and friends, so you become aware when you are caught in the trap.

    •How to improve your decision making

    •The benefits of releasing codependency from any and all relationships, at home, in the family, with friends and in the workplace

    This workshop will examine behaviour and tendencies that include boundaries, care-taking, communication, control, and denial. Anyone interested in becoming more self aware will benefit from this workshop, as well as, strategies and tools to practice.

    Awareness brings about change, especially if you struggle with setting boundaries or find them constantly being stepped over. You’ll leave the workshop with greater awareness, strategies and tools to reduce the traits you relate too.


    Date:Sat 19 Oct 2019 
    (Handouts will be provided)

    Location: 112 Brunswick Ave, London ON

    Investment: $97 + Hst

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