Feelings buried alive – How Zombies get out alive

“The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.” ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

It’s been raining as I write up this week’s blog. The rain is welcome as all the spring gardens come to life in Canada. All this rain has me thinking & feeling about what the water element teaches us. During my Soul Coaching course we dedicate a whole week to the energy of this element and it’s lessons.

What kind of feeling does a rainy day evoke in you? Do you even notice a difference in how you feel? For some people rain creates a sense of coziness, a nesting feeling, some a cleansing. For others, too much rain creates a feeling of dread & sadness. Pay attention to your feelings, they are signposts offering you more information about you. And the more you learn about yourself, you will be able to hear your soul more clearly.

For most of my life, being an empath in a world where being emotional equaled being weak or foolish it was hard to manage my emotions. In order for me to cope I would disconnect from them, always in my head ‘thinking’. Perhaps you can you relate? Always stuck in your head, constantly rehashing your thoughts and not really getting anywhere. Maybe a little control-freak issue creeping in various situations? Yes you have those goals or “To do lists’ and when you get to achieve them there’s that ’empty feeling’ and you’re onto the next thing?

The most important lesson I have had to learn is that Feelings Buried Alive never Die! Once you began to honor them you started to trust yourself more. But believe me when you do tune in and connect with them they SUCK! It’s uncomfortable at first but like any shift we make when we face a fear and step out of our comfort zone the ‘uncomfortable’ eventually becomes the ‘comfortable’. You became more present in your life & will react differently than in the past. With more self- awareness to why you are attracting situations/people into your life. You will be able to change that energetically so that you are not creating that same reality over and over again

Many people fear their emotions and they run from them, or at least they believe they are running from them. However, emotions don’t go away, they are buried alive & wait to surface again. In Karol Truman’s book Feelings, buried Alive, Never Die , she states that of all the languages in the world , the most difficult language to communicate is our feelings. It’s often because we are not taught what they are and how to deal with them, so we often just dismiss them instead.
The water element encourages us to honor, acknowledge, and notice what we feel before trying to change it with a positive affirmation or happy thought. These are both healthy things to do, following the acknowledgement. Otherwise your subconscious will say to that happy thought “not true”.

Consider what you do with your emotions. Do you dump them on others by blaming, yelling, or gossiping? Or perhaps you swallow what you feel? Neither way is healthy, neither way honors the water element. Water is meant to move, and when you simply feel, information surfaces about what needs to be looked at. Then, the water element will carry you to the voice of your soul. Allow yourself to be in the flow, start to get in touch with your emotions and allow your healing journey to begin. If you feel an emotion rising, calm your body down by taking a deep breathe and reminding yourself that in this current moment you are safe. Keep breathing through the feeling and become curious to hearing what story your mind associates with this feeling. In the stillness you will see the sign.

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