How to Succeed through Doubt, Fear and Crisis and find Happiness Again

 This post on my Facebook business page really spoke to people. As a business owner with a business page on Facebook offering inspiration and tips to people via FB can be challenging at times. The reason being Facebook continuously evolves and over time has reduced the number of times a post is displayed in my reader’s newsfeed. So when this post went viral with over 33 000 shares and reaching over 2 million readers I was a little taken back. The words on this post seemed to resonate with so many I wondered about all the stories they might have to share. How they might be struggling with fear, doubt or are even in crisis, how they might have moved forward after loss and found happiness again. I wondered….

Perhaps you might be experiencing fear or doubt in your current situation. Just remember you are never alone, even if it feels like you are. Something I learnt and discuss in the new book Succeeding through Fear, Doubt and Crisis is that it in our darkest moments we are being tested. It is during this time our faith and belief systems are questioned and perhaps it is the time for us to really look deep within and be honest with ourselves. No matter how hard we might try to we can never run away from our life, it’s there every morning waiting patiently for us. Bad things happen to good people unfortunately, it’s life.

However, what we learn in these moments about the past can be changed for the present moment and for our future. We can’t go back and change what happened, but we can choose how we would like to move forward and create our future. The key here is to forgive yourself for the mistake or work on forgiving those you feel have wronged you. Without forgiveness we are still trapped by our past and this is at the root of depression. In the FREE Art of Happiness after Loss Telesummit

21 loss and happiness experts share their wisdom and tips to bring happiness and joy back into your life, and how to move forward with renewed energy and a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment. They say happiness is a choice, but I do understand that in times when you are challenged it might be hard to choose happiness when you are struggling. Just know that it is possible to experience it again, try to stay the course and not avoid it by covering it with something else, reach out and ask for support and let those around you know that you might not look as ‘fine’ as they think. The first step is to be clear on what you need and then ask for it. I know that in the book and from the speakers on the Telesummit that is something we all came to realize. We are human and never alone, we just create that at times for ourselves.

If you have a story to share on how you overcome doubt, fear and crisis, please comment here. I am always listening…..




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