If you’ve lost your way, stand at the crossroads

What happens when the road gets foggy? When you’ve lost your path and no longer know what you’re working towards anymore, even though there’s that nagging feeling, that whisper of a voice inside your head gently urging you to push on? From time to time we all stand at crossroads in our lives. What happens when you’ve lost your way and just want to collapse at the crossroads? 

That’s when the real work begins. Here you will find rest for your soul.

When most people feel like their lives are falling apart or are in overwhelm they begin to look in all different directions to what might have caused it.  Do you spend countless hours trying to figure out if someone is to blame, a situation at work, your health, and money issues?

Stop and ask

It can be all of these things but perhaps the core issue is something else.  Have you even been in a car with someone who refuses to admit they are lost and will not stop to ask for help? It’s frustrating right? Have you ever considered that the key to getting back on track is acknowledging you are lost, stopping to take the time to reflect and ask for direction?

Accept what you can’t control and embrace what you can

So many of us are out there “driving around” and we don’t even realize we’re lost. Somehow based on our choices we are where we are right now and that includes doing nothing. There are some things beyond your control in life, you can’t control everything that happens or the things that happen to the people you love. It can be easy to lose sight of the things that we do have under our control though. We can stop being victims and blaming others. We can begin to take control back over the direction of our lives. We can start by saying No to things we don’t want in our lives and start saying Yes to what we do want.

We can’t control the past. It’s done.  We can let go, forgive others (and just as important, forgive ourselves for our past mistakes) and get back on track.

If you aren’t living your ideal life there is only one explanation: Somewhere along the way, you lost your self, and you haven’t asked for directions.

Being True to Self

This concept may seem simple, but hear me out. We always seem to fall for whatever “perfect” and “ideal” representations are produced by ever-opportunistic media minds. When you find yourself trying to measure up to the fantasy and, of course, fall far short, it’s depressing. We think, “If that’s what ‘success’ looks like, then what am I?”

What do I mean when I say you’re lost and need direction? I mean that at some point in your life, you stopped being true to yourself and quit following your internal road map. You identified with what others thought you needed, what you ‘should’ do, how you ‘should’ behave and slowly over time lost the essence of who you really are. You chose not to listen to your instincts. You were not being true to yourself.

So what happens when you do that? You begin to take short cuts. You stop checking in within. You start to wander aimlessly, changing from one lane to another and back again. There are signs we are going in the wrong direction and every time you ignore who you are or what you want from your life, a little bit of who you are, and what you stand for slips away. You lose sight of what is important to you.

So the next time you feel lost, ask yourself if your actions are in alignment with what you desire in life, and my guess is that the answer will be no. The solution to misalignment is readily available, merely ask, “If I were being true to myself, what direction would I be heading?” and reset your inner GPS to follow that roadmap.



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