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As practitioners we are seeing an increase of interest in using psychedelic-assisted therapy programs, all of which allows us to access altered states of consciousness or “‘non-ordinary states of being” to create deep healing.  What if I told you there is a somatic modality called Integral Breath Therapy designed for Practitionersthat uses the breath to create the same affect and is a safe adjunct to clinical treatment? I know I have clients that are adverse to ‘substances’ or have addictions so this offers a great alternative.  

“Integral Breath Therapy is Mother Nature’s way of micro-dosing”

Integral Breath Therapy is an ideal tool for those who struggle with somatic issues, addictions recovery, respiratory problems, depression and anxiety, grief and loss, PTSD, anger management, relationship issues, weight and body concerns, chronic tension and fatigue, trauma & self-confidence

Therapists and facilitators currently work with medical staff in addiction facilities, treating first responders manage their stress and like myself, as a Registered Psychotherapist, I use the modality in private practice.  IBT as a powerful somatic tool supports the essential brain changes necessary for integration and sustained healing removing unprocessed emotions at a cellular level. 

As humans, we are hard-wired to not fully complete our nervous system’s automatic response to stress or danger, which leaves energetic residues in our bodies and minds, leading to blockages which can show up as chronic pain and tensions, restricted breathing, unhealthy behavioural patterns and ultimately disease.

The aim of the IBT is to allow the body to naturally complete this fight-or-flight cycle, releasing the trauma, memory or emotion which was too painful to feel at the time, in a safe space where we are guided and supported by a space-holder.

As an added benefit, as part of your own self-care, it creates more effective interpersonal communication and resonance helping you to become a more attuned provider.


Integral Breath Therapy is designed to train Professionals: Psychotherapists, Psychologists,Psychiatrists ,Social workers, OT’s, RN’s, Addiction Counsellors, Yoga Instructors, Physical Therapists, Educators, Life coaches and other Healthcare Professionals



There are many reasons why this Body Mind Oriented training would benefit a Therapist or other qualifying professional, but the most important one is the level of practice that the student is given as part of this training program. The best way to study a new method is from the inside out through a personal, first-hand experience of the process. An understanding of the breath and its unique ability to clear, heal and integrate is primary to training proficient Therapists / Facilitators. If you are interested in personal as well as professional development, you are invited to join us. ~ Carol A. Lampman.  >>>> CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE<<<<


Integral Breath Therapy (IBT) is a body centered training program designed for Professionals looking for personal and professional transformation. The altered state of consciousness created through the use of the breath, brings unconscious issues into awareness enabling the participant to release held emotions, stress and heal unresolved trauma, release stress, and address a belief system that was taken on early in life.

Each level is a complete program with continuation optional.

                                                          Level One Foundation Course                      

Learn to facilitate one-on-one sessions as an IBT facilitator with completion Parts A and B, 100 hour onsite, and practicum requirements.

In this foundation course, you learn about the altered state of consciousness created through the use of the breath. You will experience IBT through personal experience, releasing issues that interfere with your effectiveness as a health care provider.  

Introduction to IBT -6 day Part A Intensive

Includes Tools for Personal Use and Apply to a Traditional Practice

The IBT essentials included in Part A consist of :

  • Using IBT to heal the breath and its relationship to life, death, and disease.
  • Identify, understand, and use distortions in breathing as a diagnostic tool.
  • Track, explore, and release energetic holding.
  • Tools to Identify unconscious beliefs and the release of self-sabotaging behaviors.
  • Corrective experiences, meditations, and processes to integrate and heal.
  • Working with the inner child. Effective use of intentions and affirmations.
  • Emotional Anatomy: Understanding the emotional process.  How to use the breath to create emotional regulation/balance.


DATES 2024: Split weekend

April 5/6/7 &  12/13/14


Part B Certification Immersion

Expanding on Part A, this 6 day Part B Intensive  prepares the student to effectively facilitate IBT one on one sessions with clients.

Part B: The 6 day Part B Intensive includes:

  • Advanced IBT tools and techniques. How and when to integrate tools into sessions
  • Treating Trauma and Shock. Protocol for healing dissociation. Empowerment
  • Identify Pre and perinatal Birth issues. Dialoguing and facilitation techniques.
  • Using the Bio Computer model. Tools to heal energetic splits. Unification.
  • The dynamics of the victim triangle. The Clearing Process. Taking responsibility.
  • Reichian concepts, body armoring and appropriate use of release techniques.
Full online support and supervision provided during case study, post onsite program.

    DATES 2024: June 20-25

    Non Residential

    Your mind doesn’t want you to heal. Over time it’s learned ways to keep you safe… and stuck. Your body never lies. Trauma, pain and emotional triggers don’t sit in the head, they are found in the body. And when we access these traumas and triggers through the body we can begin the healing process, which happens at a deep subconscious level. Listening to the body’s wisdom allows for healing and releasing of old pain, bringing insight, clarity and confidence in life choices. “~ Di Riseborough

    Embodiment, Connection, Healing


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