Integral Breath Therapy

“You Can’t Heal A Feeling Problem With A Thinking Solution”

Sometimes “talk therapy” is not enough and you want to go deeper. Integral Breath Therapy is a healing modality that uses simple breath patterns to take you into a deep state of consciousness where emotional healing can be more easily accessed. This altered state modality safely accesses repressed memories and creates an environment for the natural, organic release of physical, psychological and emotional traumas creating lasting changes because it gets to the underlying cause or root of the symptoms. By going underneath the “story” or repetitive dramas in life, belief systems are revealed along with the reason for their existence. The awareness of these patterns and how they affect one’s life is crucial to creating a future that is different from the past.

The origin of most human behavioural difficulties is in very early childhood experiences. Early in life we learn to suppress our emotions physically by tensing our muscles and restricting our breath. Over time, this protective process becomes chronic and automatic and we lose the capacity to experience and express our emotions. When we resist our breath we resist living fully. This modality is specifically designed  to enhance the psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being of client.

“Free Your Breath, Reclaim Your Life”


The difference between all the talk therapy, books, workshops, is that breathwork moves unprocessed emotions from a cellular level. The approach is a somatic embodied one that creates a bridge between the body, mind and spirit, the conscious and the unconscious mind, allowing you to enter into a altered state where expanded awareness and healing can occur. In essence it moves beyond your ‘monkey mind’ which keeps you stuck.

Integral Breath Therapy complements therapy by providing a special time, place, and technique for going more deeply within ourselves. For example when clients are ready to do deeper work, when trauma keeps presenting itself in re-enacted patterns or when clients decide that they are open and welcoming deep growth and healing. Breathwork is effective in increasing your quality of life. Having a trained facilitator offers the client the opportunity to safely surrender to the breath knowing that their needs and wishes will be met during the process.

Breathwork is also a totally drug-free way of uncovering and releasing repressed trauma from the unconscious mind and the body. IBT is an ideal tool for those who struggle with somatic issues, addictions recovery, respiratory problems, depression and anxiety, grief and loss, PTSD, anger management, relationship issues, weight and body concerns, chronic tension and fatigue, trauma & self-confidence

I offer it as a modality to my clients, but you do not have to be in Psychotherapy to do Integral Breath Therapy with me. It is a stand alone practice which I offer to many who are seeking professional development and personal growth.

“Integral Breath Therapy is Mother Nature’s way of micro-dosing”


  • Release of trauma or mental, physical and emotional blocks on a cellular level
  • Release of anxiety, depression, fear, grief and/or anger
  • Feelings of increased openness, love, peace, gratitude, clarity & connection
  • Supports the release of limiting thoughts, patterns and imprints from birth & childhood, allowing old emotions, memories, and past traumas to arise and be released in a safe way
  • Heals relational trauma & supports one to embrace and heal old wounds of abandonment, loss & rejection
  • Promotes relaxation and helps establish natural sleep patterns
  • It can increase your energy levels & boost your immunity
  • Supports addiction recovery
  • Creates new Neuro-pathways in the brain.
  • Clears stuck energy  & accesses expanded states of consciousness, including higher guidance and clarity about one’s path and life purpose
  • Alkalizes your body directly by increasing oxygen intake, relieving stress, and cleansing your body of toxins, which indirectly helps reduce inflammation

Your mind doesn’t want you to heal. Over time it’s learned ways to keep you safe… and stuck. Your body never lies. Trauma, pain and emotional triggers don’t sit in the head, they are found in the body. And when we access these traumas and triggers through the body we can begin the healing process, which happens at a deep subconscious level. Listening to the body’s wisdom allows for healing and releasing of old pain, bringing insight, clarity and confidence in life choices. “~ Di Riseborough



Every 1.5hr session involves in-depth intuitive counseling, somatic exploration, and one hour of circular connected breathing practice.

Please note the first session is 2hrs due to the intake process

Our First Session (Intake)

  • explore and discuss current life situations
  • what you know about your birth, childhood, and family patterns, and how they may be affecting your life
  • explore your beliefs
  • set intentions for your session


The Breathwork Session

You will be guided in a one hour breathing practice and receive one on one support to unravel deeper layers of held tension, stress, belief systems, suppressed emotions and open to a greater sense of well being. This process helps to dissolve any past traumas you have stored on a cellular level, bringing about a corrective action, thus making it possible to experience more energy and aliveness.

After the Session

There is time to share your experience, integrate and understand the process on a deeper level. I will offer relevant suggestions and possible assignments to work with until your next session. These are designed to support you in integrating the work into your daily life.

Embodiment, Connection, Healing




No. There are many different types of Breathwork as different people and cultures have been using the breath to aid healing for centuries.  You might have heard about different types of Breathwork ranging from Rebirthing, Holotropic, Wim Hof etc, all having profound healing benefits. The specific style of Breathwork I pursued was created by Carol Lampman the director of Integral Breath Therapy after I experienced this modality during my own trauma work. Apart from her 35 years of experience teaching this modality I’ve found that her style has a strong integrative grounding effect, more structure, and allows for a greater sense of support. The key take away is the corrective action during the integration process.


Although the structure is always the same, the experience during each Breathwork session is different every time. The one thing I’ve noticed over the years is that Integral Breath Therapy always gives you what is required. There is a mechanism within each of us, the inner healer, that knows exactly what is needed in order to return to health and wholeness. The basic principle is that “whatever is most needed” to restore us to our healed nature will emerge spontaneously during the session



I don’t recommend doing Integral Breath Therapy on your own with no personal guide or support until becoming a seasoned practitioner or having a solid monthly or weekly practice. Having a practitioner there with you whether 1:1 or in a group setting is important in order to stay grounded, navigate challenges and emotional difficulties, and release trauma effectively.

NEW: Level One Trainings for Professionals


Integral Breath Therapy is designed to train Professionals: Psychotherapists, Psychologists,Psychiatrists ,Social workers, OT’s, RN’s, Addiction Counsellors, Yoga Instructors, Physical Therapists, Educators, Life coaches and other Healthcare Professionals

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