One only has to be in the presence of Di Riseborough to know you are in the presence of someone truly special. Di has an innate vortex of energy that is magnifying…Di has transformed my life on many levels. She has given me the tools to soar forward. I am most grateful and I know she can do the same for you.

CEO of a consulting Business

Because of Di’s encouragement to follow my bliss, I have opened a business and followed my life long dream. Di has tremendous gifts and we are all so blessed she is sharing her talents with the world.
Jennifer Alexander

Owner/Founder, Infinite Life Learning

Before meeting Di I was living my life in repeat and I couldn’t understand why? Why was I attracting the same drama, why wasn’t my life moving forward in leaps and bounds? I remember being so frustrated that no transformation was happening! At that time I was doing affirmations, listening to self help tapes, reading books and even though these were all very helpful, they weren’t enough to transform my life. I knew deep down that I needed help and I signed up for Di’s Soul Vision Board in hopes that I could get some answers and did I ever! The biggest thing I learned that day was I had alot of unresolved issues from my past that I needed to face before I could truly move forward. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t want to go there, I had spent years trying to pretend that my past wasn’t that bad so I could hold my head high as someone “normal” in society. If I had a beautiful family, ran a successful business, treated people with a kind heart then I should “fit in” just fine. But that wasn’t the case, I was still carrying my past with me everyday, it was buried deep but it was still there, calling the shots letting me know “my place.” From the discoveries I found in my Vision Board I made the decision to work with Di one on one. The first thing Di said to me when we began was, “I’m not here to take your power, I don’t want it.” This hit home for me and is the foundation of our work together. Every week I go in knowing I’m going to face another piece of my life that I ran from, that I buried and parts of myself that I’m not proud of and every week Di’s still there letting me know it’s ok and helping me to heal. It has been the most difficult journey I’ve ever been on and it has made me appreciate my courage and my strength. I’ve been working with Di for 10 months now and my accomplishments have been many, from going on TV (which terrified me before), to running my life and my business with excitement and joy, my repetitive drama situations all have vanished. I’ve taken my power back and my life, I completely embrace who I am and every part of my life from the past, the present and the future to come. This has been the best investment I’ve ever made, Di wrote once, “I am not my pain, I am not my past, I am that which has emerged from the fire.” this is what she gave to me, the discovery of who I truly am and what I found was magnificent! Thank-you Di for walking through the “fire” with me, you are deeply appreciated and loved beyond measure.”
Elizabeth Farr

Owner, Face of Hope

Before working with Di, I was going in circles emotionally, unable to move forward personally or with my business. While working with Di, I received tools to identify the emotions I was experiencing and ways to explore those emotions. Sometimes it was through home exercises, such as affirmations, journaling, or meditation. Sometimes there were exercises that I did with my partner. Frequently reading material was suggested which was most welcome in my thirst for information. During one-on-one sessions with Di, I always felt comfortable to speak openly, without fear of being judged. I looked forward to each session, knowing that I could “let it all out” and Di was always there to remind me to “Breathe. Just breathe!” After working with Di, I am happy to say that I am emotional – that is, I feel and express my emotions more fully! I am also more confident and optimistic. When negativity occurs, I have resources available to explore what is really going on emotionally. Di is very intuitive, working from a high energetic level of consciousness, which she brings to each session with her clients. If you are thinking of working with Di, be committed to the process, do your homework, venture into the unknown with her expert guidance, and be willing to receive the abundance that is waiting for you!
Donna Costa

Registered Bowenwork Practitioner, Homœopath & Nutritional Consultant Practitioner of Reconnective Healing® & The Reconnection®

This past year I had the wonderful opportunity and privilege to work with Di Riseborough. Di has an amazing insightful coaching gift. Her ability to look at, approach and dig into issues to bring them to the surface was exceptional. Her solid coaching hand for direction and guidance was one of warmth, compassion and balance. I am so thrilled to have had this life changing, mind reformatting and spiritual growth experience with Di and will continue to carry this forward with me.

London, ON

Navigating through my decisions and obstacles, I now ask myself qusetions like “how does this feel?” “Is this for my best interest?” “Why am I attracting this into my life?” Working with Di has impacted my life by making me aware of how I truly control my own life and destiny, that I truly do hold all the cards … because of this I have taken my power back in leaps and bounds.
Elizabeth Farr

Owner, Face of Hope

You are able to slow the pace to suit me. I like that I do not feel forced. I like that I receive little nuggets to provoke thought and have the time to mull over the information and get comfortable with changes around that.
Donna Costa

Homeopath & Nutritional Consultant, Bowen Works

You Personalize our time together, every week is different, adjusted to what I am dealing with at the time … It has a flow to it that originally grows and builds. The biggest difference is the connection to myself, … instead of depending on your answers to move ahead, you give me tools to help me find my own answers.
Elizabeth Farr

Owner, Face of Hope

I took Di’s Soul Vision Collage Workshop last fall. What a life-changing day! As I put the board together, I felt myself really listen to my heart and my soul’s purpose. When the board was complete, Di offered some fabulous insights and words of wisdom. I felt my life’s path unfolding before me on the board. I meditated in front of that board for months and because of that vision board, because of Di’s encouragement to follow my bliss, I have opened a business and followed a lifelong dream. Di has tremendous gifts and we are all so blessed she is sharing her talents with the world. Her Soul Vision Collage Workshop is like no other. I have taken this workshop twice and EVERYTHING my soul chose for the boards has come forward and come true. If you want to learn how to listen to your heart, learn more of what you are really meant to do, learn how to live your life more richly and more on purpose, take this workshop.
Jennifer Alexander

Owner/Founder, Infinite Life Learning

Before working with Di I was like a tightly strung wire. I reacted too drama, took things personally and created some of my own drama.  I was angry and depressed most of the time. I felt unworthy and burdened.While working with Di she gave me the tools to feel my emotions and work through them instead of stuffing them. What were these emotions telling me. I learned to listen to my body and what it was telling me .  I also started to trust my inner voice. Now I look for the gift in situations and someone else’s drama is just that.  I have more compassion and understanding and don’t take things personally. Di taught me how to set boundaries and ask for help.  I now look for the gift in difficult situations and I am grateful .  I used to think that I needed fixing but Di taught me that I have all that I need with in me and that  I am enough. My Heart is opening up. I have become a much calmer more relaxed person  and can transfer some of the tools Di gave me to my family and team.My advice to others who are thinking of working with Di  is that you will not regret finding out who you really are .  Her tools are life changing and her energy is transforming.  If you are ready to change then go for it!
Winnifred Barnett

Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics

One only has to be in the presence of Di Riseborough to know you are in the presence of someone truly special. Di has an innate vortex of energy that is magnifying. Although I was dealing with a devastating situation I was unable to communicate this to another human being. What was very profound for me was that instantly when meeting with Di, I knew she would be the one I would eventually reach out to, to assist with sorting out my feelings and how best to proceed. I worked with Di for 3 months. She provided a non-judgmental, safe environment and challenged my thinking opening up my blocked inner thoughts and dialogue. This in turn allowed me to ‘see’ more clearly what the situation really was-to acknowledge it, feel it, live it, then to connect it bit by bit. Intuitive by nature, gentle and soft spoken Di has transformed my life on many levels. She has given me the tools to soar forward. I am most grateful and I know she could do the same for you.


Being a coach myself, it is sometimes hard to find a strong and effective coach, so I feel so grateful and lucky to have met Di.  With a straight forward and nurturing approach, Di will give you on the spot support and will bring to your life a sense of clarity like no other.  She has lot of experience in several fields of life, and will put them all at your service, whenever she can.  She is willing to share with no limits, and will be delighted as you develop your own self-confidence and strengthen self-trust, in a fun and easy way. Be prepared to have great insights, tons of laughs, and spiritual hugs from Di.
Jessica Vazquez

MBA Marketing Strategist & “Enjoy Life” Owner, Mexico

I met Di some years ago while exploring the Chakras and engaging in Personal Transformation studies. It is not an easy path; undoing an ego structure about who we “think” we are and how we “think” we should function in the World. Di has demonstrated in her own life, that it is possible to look deep within, discover or rather rediscover her own unique, divine gifts, accept those gifts and move whole heartedly into action by serving others using them. It is with love , hope and gratitude that I witness Di continuously move towards connecting with her divine nature as she courageously and with insight acts on who she is and what she is here to do.

London, ON

Di Riseborough has a remarkable gift. She came into my life at a time when I needed spiritual guidance and insight. Through her intuition and perceptiveness, she helped assist me in exploring and discovering my soul’s purpose. The assigned readings and homework were always meaningful and our weekly sessions were full of wisdom and laughter. She is a beacon of light. Forever grateful.


Di is an amazing woman & profound healer. She has a remarkable gift for connecting and coaching others on the deepest level. Di’s authenticity and true concern for the well-being of her client allows her abilities to guide and to heal on all levels be life-changing and powerful. I highly recommend Di as a Soul Coach™ and healer.
Kimberly Logan

Autism Behavioral Therapist, Houston Texas

I have been fortunate to experience Di on both a personal and professional level and regardless of which approach and delivery she offers, one thing remains constant, her kindness, her empathy and her integrity. Once Di commits to assisting you with your process, you are guaranteed a patient and supportive coach who will motivate you to do your work, however who will always hold you accountable for your own experience.She has a disciplined and structured manner to assist you get to the core issue that can sometimes get masked and take countless hours of wasted energy to reveal. This firm yet supportive approach speeds your processing time. To do this, she actively listens and reflects back to you without judgment any relevant points that you make. Then through positive encouragement she assists you to explore new perspectives, always allowing you to come to your own conclusions and create and manifest your own reality.I have also personally experienced her unique abilities to actively heal both physical and emotional turmoil in the body, through her perceptive and intuitive capabilities. Since meeting Di she has expanded and enriched my personal experience and empowers me in countless positive ways
Paula B


I met Di approximately 4 years ago and noticed almost immediately that she possessed a special gift, the gift of “listening. Her intuitive and insightful nature along with a good sense of humor has alleviated many of the stresses that were blocking me from moving forward. Her “no nonsense” approach is refreshing and the pace to reach a place of calmness and ownership is realistic. Her commitment to her work is exceptional and comes from a place where integrity, compassion, and empathy are second nature. Motivation to move forward can be challenging and often daunting at times; through her own life experiences and spiritual practices Di invites you to look at your journey with an awareness and gratitude of lessons learned. Her “coaching of your soul” moves you on your journey to self discovery, self enrichment, self empowerment and new inner spiritual strength that you never thought was attainable.

London, ON

Di is so willing to share her knowledge & experience for the good of whomever she meets. She is a source of vast wisdom and innate abilities that are enviable to a considerable extent. Her spiritual presence is a blessing & I hope she continues to share it as widely as I have been honored to witness.
Rachel Perry

Risk Management Consultant, UK

This testimonial from Barb McDonald for Di Riseborough is to gratefully acknowledge all the help she has given me as a life coach for 16 weeks. When I first saw Di I had very little energy and was in terrible pain. Now I have much more energy and the pain is very much under control. I have to say Di has such a calm face and serene demeanor about her that you feel very free and relaxed with her and can be yourself. You don’t feel at all judged. Di brought much in the way of a new awareness to me. I now realize the power of positive and negative thinking on the body and how it can affect me. I have more fun in life now. I went out and bought badminton rackets and birdies. Wow! If you would have suggested that before I would have never done it. I feel empowered and stronger than ever. She is just an amazing, loving and intuitive person and I am so happy to know her. Thanks a million Di. I’ll be hitting those birdies very high.
Barb McDonald

London, ON

Di is a remarkably talented healer. I experienced extremely powerful breakthroughs during my healing sessions and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Di to all
Louise Wilson

Business Woman, BC

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