Mercury Retrograde-Is it Me or has the Whole World gone Crazy?

Mercury Retrograde Madness


Is it me or does it feel like the whole world is going crazy? I would say yes to both of those questions. We’ve all heard of it…the dreaded time when Mercury goes retrograde. Geez Louise! And to top it all the full moon (known this time as the Bloodmoon because of it’s vibrant redish colour) had to add it’s two cents into the mix. Holy smokes, for anyone sensitive to cyclical energy spurts you might have felt you were on a speed wobble! There are certain cycles where the energy feels confusing and ungrounded and it’s not uncommon to for you to react emotionally & feel ‘out of sorts’.

Most of us dread Mercury in retrograde. We think of it as an extremely negative period, a frustrating time filled with irritating technical problems, confused communications, and mishaps. Mercury in retrograde often gets a bad rap, but this is also a great & optimal time to let go and clean up as well. At this time patterns can be broken now as you tune into what is not working in your relationships or in your life. With the powerful energy your intuitive abilities will be heightened along with your emotions.

This is an OPPORTUNITY to rethink and rediscover new things about yourself and your journey in life. Use this time to reflect, reconnect with your higher self and take a little R & R, pause and process the things that are coming up for you. This period is a perfect time to clear your mind. To go back and complete unfinished projects, purge old files & to de-clutter the house & stuff that needs to go. Mercury’s energy rules your thinking, speech, communication & from a positive aspect this time is optimal to work on reconciling old issues & relationships. When a Mercury goes retrograde it’s also an indicator that something from the past is going to be revisited and with this people from the past often emerge, so don’t be surprised if you get a phone call out of the blue from someone.

BUT a WORD OF CAUTION, use this time to work through the issues but not necessarily confront the person/situation until you are clear about your own role and have spent some time looking at it from different perspectives. Don’t be surprised if you’re extremely sensitive to what people have to say around you. You may also wonder if they are really listening to what you mean. You may also feel that you’ve been the person who’s always taking care of everything while they’re just letting the relationship sit on hold. Part of your re-evaluation process does involve your needs and whether they are being met. Pay attention to your feelings today. If you are forced to deal with unresolved relationship matters, understanding and accepting your needs will help you. This is a great time to practice saying ‘NO’, honour your time and do not say YES when you really want to say NO. At this time also be aware of synchronicities and signs that can steer you clear of danger or guide you in the right direction –there are many of them at this time because of the heightened flow of energy.

Take note of the patterns and areas where you get stuck or frustrated – this could be time to both recognize and release them, and then to replace them with positive and self-aware choices. Find your funny bone again and find the humor in mundane things, the silver lining in the clouds and see the gifts being presented to you at this time to grow. Realize that everyone and almost everything is going through some sort of challenge as well – this is a Universal phenomenon and we’re all connected in it and don’t forget to BREATHE DEEPLY. Your thoughts and words create your reality. How has Mercury Retrograde been working for you? Feel free to share below how this energy has had a positive impact on you.



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