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We truly do have the power to create the life we truly desire.

A life that is purposeful, meaningful and fulfilling, one that is truly empowering and inspiring. Mastering our life challenges starts with self- awareness. We cannot expect to change that of which we are unaware. Our personal journey as human beings on this earthly plane is all about ultimately becoming conscious of what is now unconscious within us, seeking out our inner selves on the soul level. Self -awareness is the most powerful resource we have to effect change in our lives. Otherwise we are simply reacting, unconsciously analyzing, judging and interpreting, without really understanding the big picture. As our awareness increases, we see with greater clarity the dynamics at play. This gives us the accurate information we need to consciously choose what’s best for us. I have made a commitment to myself to continue to grow, learn and challenge myself daily. After all, I can only offer you my guidance based on the level of awareness, and life learning success that I, myself, have gained on my own journey.

The best way to be conscious, to become self-aware, is to STOP and PAY ATTENTION.
Listen to the whispers of your soul.

I have definitely had my share of difficult times. I know what it feels like to be lost and confused, to be on top of the world one minute, and on the bottom the next, searching for a reason to even get out of bed… Ah, but I also know what it feels like to get up, and realize there is so much more to this life than I ever imagined before!

My life is NOT perfect.

I have had plenty of life’s HUGE challenges. I wish I could say I handled them all flawlessly, but I didn’t. However, I did grow from them. Every last one of those experiences brought me to the incredible place I’m at today, doing what I love, always tuned in and listening to the whispers of my soul, and truly living a life of purpose, following my passion! My commitment to life long learning, and my own personal growth fuels my enthusiasm for my vocation, and continuously infuses my business with new, cutting edge information. I do not expect more from you than I give of myself. I “walk my talk.”



Born and raised in South Africa, my early life experiences did not set me up for an easy or traditional path. I knew from childhood I was gifted with intuitive abilities, being the “sensitive” one in the family when it came to the otherworldly. At the age of nine, I experienced one of the most profound moments of my life, watching the spiritual writings of Richard Bach come alive on screen in the movie, “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”. It was more than the just movie’s message that compelled me to make my disgruntled father remain for the second feature at the drive-in that fateful night, unimpressed as he was by watching a bird fly around to music for a couple hours. Myself, on the other hand, I was literally unable to leave. I actually felt as if some outside force was holding me there in my seat. Thank goodness Dad really liked Neil Diamond! That’s all I can say.

The movie’s spiritual message resonated with me, yes, but, seriously, it was much more than that. Somehow I instinctively knew at soul level, this film story was actually foreshadowing the future events of my life. Particularly significant was the image of the seagull lying grievously injured on a piece of wood, seemingly defeated and near death, but yet, somehow summoning the courage not to give up, he thereby transcends triumphant to another level. It was at that point I was given a prescient communication, that there would, in fact, be a devastating occurrence to come in my life, which would leave me broken, just like that seagull, and I was shown, as well, that there would be salvation for me too, but away from all I held familiar, in another country, actually in another hemisphere. At that moment, I knew Canada was where I would find my own healing and, in doing so, discover my true vocation, helping to heal others. Canada was where I would begin to teach.

I was given a prescient message, that there would, in fact,
be a devastating occurrance to come in my future.

Fast forward a number of years, it was 1995, the year the violent murder of my paternal grandmother changed my life forever. Even more painful and unbelievable, was the discovery that my own uncle’s stepson and his estranged wife were the perpetrators.

This heinous crime marked the beginning of a downward spiral for my family and I, as we struggled to cope with grief, rage, and the relentless feelings of powerlessness and betrayal. My mother never recovered emotionally from finding her mother-in-law’s brutalized body. Three months after his mother’s murder, my uncle died mysteriously of unknown causes. Two years after that, my own father passed away, his health ravaged by psychological stress and his inability to cope with the tragedy. He was 53.

That same year, unable to concentrate, to focus on anything but the unfairness of it all, I also ended up losing my job due to company downsizing. At the height of my outrage, pain and grief over this misfortune, I would indulge in elaborate revenge fantasies. I even took shooting lessons. I bought a gun. The worst pain to bear was the overwhelming helplessness, the total loss of control. In reality, it was my life that was spinning out of control. Where do you go from here? How do you come back from something like this?



Somehow, slowly but surely, I did find the courage to pick up the pieces of my shattered world. I remember it was at an inner energy workshop, in the presence of virtual strangers, that, finally, for the first time since the murder, I actually allowed others to see me cry. The tears started to flow as though they would never stop! Emotions are the signposts. It was time for the healing to begin.

Two years later, I made a radical decision to just leave my current employment with a particular company, with no new position in place. I had never done anything so reckless in my entire working history! I, Di Riseborough, had joined the noble ranks of the self-employed. Happily my new consulting business thrived, and, in 2002, I took another leap of faith, as I had been intuitively shown I would. Leaving behind life as I had known it in South Africa, I faced fear head on and moved to Canada… alone, with no job, no home, no support system, only an unstoppable desire to follow my destiny, and a deep knowing that this was exactly what I was meant to do.

Do I ignore the feelings of my loved ones,
or do I give up my dreams?

Adversity is always another opportunity to grow. Your mission, in essence, should you choose to accept it. A year into settling in Canada, I was faced with a rather daunting, potentially life altering dilemma. My sister, unexpectedly widowed, was looking at single-handedly raising two babies, AND running a new business. She urged me to return home to help.

I struggled long and hard with what to do. Give up my dream, and return to support my sister or stay true to myself, in the face of the negative family feedback and harsh judgments that would inevitably stem from making that choice? For many months I felt like I was riding an emotional roller coaster but, finally, I made the decision to choose ME. It took a lot of soul searching, but, intrinsically, I knew if I gave up something so important, so aligned with “who I really am” it would not be helping myself or anyone else. I feared I would even eventually come to resent my sister.

Each one of us travels our own path, grows through learning our own lessons. I knew intuitively that my sister and her family would one day join me in Canada. My purpose was to remain here to pave the way. She did, in fact, take the opportunity. She and her family survived and thrived. My mother, however, chose to remain in South Africa, despite my urgings. She made her decision and, in face of the inevitable finger pointing, gossipy whispers, and snide remarks about me “abandoning my mother”, I remained true to mine.

Given the great distance, frequent visits were impossible, but I did manage to see my mother a few months before her passing. She is gone, but, ironically, the negative opinions of others standing in judgment of my decision to leave still live on. Certainly I am sad my mother decided not to come to Canada. I would have loved her to see the good I do helping others, the life I have created here for myself, but I have done my “soul work”. I have spent the time on inner reflection, and I cannot harbor any guilt or shame for choosing MY life path, and following MY destiny as it was predicted, at nine years of age, I would.


My life was steadily improving at last, but there was still more work to be done. I needed to completely rid myself of the dark, damaging emotions my grandmother’s untimely murder had brought into my life. I needed to be free.

It was twelve years later, when I returned to South Africa, and paid a visit to the jail where my grandmother’s killer was incarcerated. I met with him personally, and I forgave him for what he had done.

My mother, sister, all our family friends could not understand why I was doing something so seemingly insane. Still dominated by their anger, they only wanted to know the “why” behind his actions, so eager were they to cast blame. As for myself, to tell you the truth I can’t even recall his words. I wasn’t even interested in dredging up the past, as that was not my purpose there.

What I do remember however, what I will never forget, was how I actually hugged him in the end, and, as he let go, sobbing uncontrollably in my arms, I felt my heart open with so much compassion. Right there, I found my peace. I finally reclaimed my power. I had found the ultimate courage, the courage to forgive.

I am very fortunate. My spirit has been strong throughout most of my life, as I am guided from that deep source connection within me that comes from a place of love. It is there for every one of us. There is always that other part of us, though, that can stop us in our tracks. The “ego” which is fear based instead. Over the years I have found ways to get past ego to resolve the real core issues, making fear my ally, not my foe. It is only when you face your fears, and release those hidden emotions that, you are finally liberated to live the life you truly desire, and deserve. I will help you to find the courage to use that “F-word” more effectively as well.

Face your Fears. I will help you find the courage within
to use the “F-word” more effectively.

I have experienced just how challenging it can be to summon up the courage to follow your inner voice. I, too, have struggled, but I trusted my inner guidance and I made the leap of faith that, step by step, opened up a whole new way of living and working that ultimately changed my life. Now I use my life experience, my skills, intuition, and my hard earned wisdom to support others in their quest to live life with passion!

I am your “go-to” expert on learning to forgive. I will help you find the courage to face your fears, and thereby recover your personal power within. I have been a practicing professional intuitive life strategist for many years now, empowering and inspiring others to personally evolve, make better choices and create what they want in their lives. Our work together has had an extremely positive impact on their lives, reducing stress, and negativity, while increasing self-confidence, and improving their personal relationships.

To be authentically happy first requires a deeper understanding
and acceptance of our soul self. If you are ready connect with me for your complimentary 15mins consultation HERE

My approach encompasses the integration of mind, body, and spirit, because if we reach for our goals with only our “heads”, without coming from the holistic, balanced place at the center of “who we really are”, we may achieve a certain fleeting success, but it’s really just a hollow victory. When you are influenced by “ego”, limited by fears, false premises, and second hand beliefs, the action of simply setting and achieving superficial goals cannot create the lasting happiness you crave. To be authentically happy first requires a deeper understanding and acceptance of our soul self, which, in turn, opens up a more profound wisdom and mastery of all that is Life itself. Then it becomes abundantly clear what you really need.

As your intuitive guide, your committed advocate, I deeply believe in you
and the inherent value of your life.

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