Navigating the Battlefield of the Mind – How to Take Out the Trash

So, what are some truths about your Inner Critic sometimes called “Gremlins”? Well, first of all if you think you are alone guess again! You’re not alone in having them, everyone does. In fact, the job of the “Gremlin” a phrase coined by Rick Carson (from his book Taming Your Gremlin) is to have you play it `safe and comfortable” and avoid any change! We all have one. Some of them are tame and housebroken”, others are wild and taking over our lives. What are they? “Gremlins” – those little creatures that live in our psyche that say things like “you should or shouldn’t_________”, “why are you attempting that”, “you know you can’t do it”, “it never works out for you”, “you’ll end up alone and poor”, `you can’t’, “that’s too risky”, “are you crazy!”. Sound familiar?

Our self-esteem and self image are developed by how we talk to ourselves, how we think of ourselves. The inner critic actually thinks it’s helping us, protecting us from surprise hurts or disappointments for instance – it’s part of our ‘ego defence mechanism’ set. But it’s not rational, and it is not constructive. It costs us too much. Every time it ‘attacks’ it keeps our self worth low and stops us living a rich life. It becomes the boss of us. But we can change that… It is NEVER too late to fix unhealthy thinking, and it’s entirely possible to SILENCE THE INNER CRITIC!

This negative, critical, inner voice that communicates with you and tries to control you when you face challenges, conflicts and problems can be tamed. In this workshop we will help you identify the “Gremlin” of the moment and give you strategies to tame it in an expedient, effective way. Sometimes it’s hard to identify the “Gremlin” on your own, although you know it’s in there talking up a storm while you’re trying to do the complex balancing act of running life with its multiple issues and challenges. Navigating the Battlefield of the Mind can be overwhelming & challenging that most of us give up trying or just pretend it is not there. The good news is once you’re aware of Gremlins you have a choice of how you will deal with them.

The “Practical Tools” you will learn will include instruction on:

  • How to change your inner negative dialogue into a more supportive conversation so you aren’t held back by your own limiting thinking.
  • Practical tools so you know how to handle your Inner Critic whenever it pipes up again.
  • Methods to quiet your fears, worries, and doubts so you can have a more peaceful inner experience — an “inner sanctuary.”

The problem most people have with their inner critic is that think they can conquer it once and for all, that maybe there’s something wrong with them for having one, or that if they simply focus enough on “the positive” that voice will go away.

We ALL have fears and doubts. So trying to get rid of them isn’t the answer. Having the tools  available to unravel and disarm those negative chatterboxes so they don’t run your life anymore is.

  • Date available: Sunday 15th November 2015
  • Time: 10am-3pm
  • Location: London, ON
  • Bring: A notebook and pen, a water bottle and a lunch.

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Spaces for each workshop are limited in order to keep the group small. The workshop has been designed so that we have an opportunity to connect with class participants both individually as well as in a group.

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