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Di Riseborough, a leading expert on the subject of Forgiveness through her powerful story teaches how the process of Forgiveness allows us to Reclaim our Power and take back control of our Life. Recently interviewed on the Oprah Winfrey Network (Canada) and a soon to be published author of the book “The Prisoner Within, her Key Presentation explores Forgiveness as a “Gift” and the process of Forgiving as a “Journey”.

Di’s interactive presentations revitalize your organization, leaving employees feeling more confident, empowered with a deeper sense of self-worth, and figuratively “on fire” to change their lives.

She provides her audience members with the necessary strategies to effectively:

  • free up valuable energy by releasing festering emotional pain, outmoded feelings of anger and resentment – make peace with the past, in order to live fully in the present
  • recognize how the power of forgiving in the face of fear reduces stress, anxiety and hostility in relationships
  • move forward positively with enhanced compassion, empathy and inner peace, living a life with meaning and purpose
  • cope with the loss of a loved one, heal an ailing relationship with an estranged partner or child by eliminating debilitating mental/emotional stumbling blocks

A provocative speaker, who addresses challenging issues with an edgy, entertaining and informative presentation style. She packs her presentations with how-to’s, humor and inspiration-leaving people feeling ‘on fire’ about changing their lives.

Speaking Topics:
Keynote Presentations:
The Peace Beyond The Pain- How to Let Go & Forgive When it Still Hurts 
Using The “F” Word Effectively – Feel the Fear and Flourish Anyway

More Topics:

Procrastination: The Mask of Fear- The secret ‘enemy’ to procrastination is revealed and how you can get out of the “Someday Syndrome’. How you can increase your productivity & get things done!

How to say “NO’ and Mean It!- Assertiveness Strategies for Women. Have you lost a job promotion to others because your colleagues see you as too nice, passive or ineffective? Learn how you can put healthy boundaries in place & improve your communications skills so next time you do not get ‘looked over’ for the job. Live your life with more confidence.

Finding Your Voice- When we lose our ability to speak our truth, trust ourselves and our intuition, our self-esteem, our passion for life & our sense of self is diminished. Losing your voice is more than just losing the ability to communicate effectively. We feel lost with no sense of direction & are no longer in control of our lives. Learn Strategies to finding your voice again & being the one back in driver’s seat of your life.

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Booking an Event:

If you are a meeting planner, program chair or booking speakers for events then you’ll find Di’s topics to be ideal for an audience of women in their 30′s – 60′s. Di can tailor her presentations from 30 minutes to 2 hours or more. She’ll make every minute engaging, informative & interactive. For bookings, contact  or fill out the speaker request form below:

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