Signs of being an Emotional Zombie



For most of my life, being an empath  in a world where being emotional equaled being weak or foolish it was hard to manage my emotions. In order for me to cope I would disconnect from them and became a “Bobblehead”, always in my head ‘thinking’. Perhaps you can you relate? Always stuck in your head, constantly rehashing your thoughts and not really getting anywhere.  Maybe a little control-freak issue creeping in various situations? Yes you have those goals or “To do lists’ and when you get to achieve them there’s that ’empty feeling’ and you’re onto the next thing?

The most important lesson I have had to learn is that Feelings Buried Alive never Die!

Once I began to honour them I started to trust myself more. But believe me when you do tune in and connect with them they SUCK! It’s uncomfortable at first but like any shift we make when we face a fear and step out of our comfort zone the ‘uncomfortable’ eventually becomes the ‘comfortable’. I became more present in my life and reacted differently than I had in the past (but believe me when I say I am a work in progress, I’m not perfect & still learning each day), I had more self awareness to why I was attracting situations/people into my life. With that knowledge I was able to change that so energetically I was not creating that same reality over and over again.

Running a business where my default program is to stop thinking, FEEL my way through to a solution and trust my inner knowing can be challenging at times.  Just recently I got feedback that I’m too emotional and my dreams are too big. WHAT? Isn’t that required to be an entrepreneur?  I thought to myself there is balance between how you feel and sound business principles.  At what point do you just have to believe yourself and no one else?   That’s a good question, but before you can get there you need to know “How”. The Key is to stop running, face the uncomfortable and learn to cope with what’s really happening beneath the surface. Start to connect with your feelings as they are signposts of what needs healing. 

Your intuition, feelings and emotions are your biggest assets in your life and business. When you connect to those things with ACTION that is when the magic really starts to happen. If you are not aligned with what resonates with you, what you ‘FEEL’ to be true for you, you;ll remain a “Zombie” and life will never feel satisfying.

Some tips to get you started:

Get emotional about your lifeIn fact, I think the reason why people are walking around in the world shut off, shut down and half asleep, is because they don’t give themselves permission to FEEL and get emotional. Life can be challenging and more often than not we get overwhelmed by the ‘crisis’ or drama that is happening .We ‘run away’  disconnect by distracting ourselves in order to not FEEL the pain, become an animated corpse with feeling buried alive and so the Zombie revolution begins. 

As Don Miguel states in the Four Agreements what people say, think or feel about YOU is really none of your business. What do YOU want? What are you feeling? What are you not willing or willing to see as the truth about you? When we connect again with ourselves we learn to trust our deeper inner knowing rather than those ‘logical thoughts’ that sometimes lead us out of being present in our lives and not really being satisfied with how our life is turning out.
Your intuition is real and it’s there to guide YOU in your life. It’s connected to something much greater than your head, your soul. If you are not listening, life will eventually bring you situations to get your attention. Abandoning your intuition is walking away from the one guiding post that is designed to support you and the price you pay is big.

When you are in touch with your feelings, you see when you are simply projecting your own issues onto other people. Be accountable for your own feelings and your own experience. No one can make you “feel” a certain way. You choose how you feel. Own the feelings and the consequences.
Bottom line: Follow your heart. Believe yourself. Trust yourself. Be open. Give yourself permission to be ’emotional’.  Remember Feelings buried Alive never Die

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