Soul Coaching® Online e-Course Program

If your time is constrained or you do not have the geographical advantage to meet in-person, this Online eCourse is a great opportunity for you to experience deep inner renewal from the comfort of your own home.

“The soul knows the truth”

Join me as your Soul Coach®, on a journey that is a transformative body/mind/spirit intensive; it will change your life! The momentum, insights, shared wisdom, and bond that is built during the Soul Coaching® Program is phenomenal.

By utilizing the elemental energies of air/intellectual, water/emotions, fire/spirit, and earth/physical;  this program allows you (in as little as 10-15 minutes per day) to connect with your spiritual source and find deeper meaning, purpose plus add ceremony and sacredness to your everyday life while facing fears, clearing blockages and addressing non-serving beliefs or patterns.

Through 100+ pages of practical lessons, 28 daily guided audio meditations, 28 powerful affirmations, creative projects ideas for healing and/or manifesting, soul journeys (and more) you are encouraged to truthfully explore your life, challenge your negative beliefs, face your fears, become even more motivated and inspired leaving you feeling more balanced, whole and focused like never before! Learn to live more in the now and have clarity to pursue the life of your dreams.

Each week we connect via conference call (number will be supplied) and stay connected through the week via e-mails, Facebook

Participants find that once they have committed themselves to the program, their life begins to unfold in positive ways! If you are feeling drawn to the program, trust that it is your time to invest in yourself and this magical journey to your soul.

Important Note: The meetings bring added value to the program. With busy schedules it is understandable if you miss one, you will still get the full benefit of the program, Guaranteed as all calls are recorded.

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