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How to stay out of trouble & Jail during the Crazy Holiday Season

Tips to keep you out of trouble & jail during the Crazy Holiday Season

But Santa I can explain…..the twins spiking the Egg Nog had nothing to do with Aunt Mabel breaking into Sea World & trying to ‘free Willie’, or the fact that Grandma tried to ignite the Christmas turkey by using the blow torch as it ‘was taking too long’. I’m sure Santa has heard it all before and maybe you have a similar story, perhaps an Uncle Claude or a Grandpa. Either way there is a fine line between naughty and nice. It’s called “Mischievously Creative’, but not sure if anyone in the family agrees.

As wonderful as the holidays are for many – for some, holiday stress sometimes overshadows the good cheer of the season. While it is generally acknowledged that “the holidays” are stressful, most people seem to just accept that it will be stressful and continue their holiday tradition of being stressed out during the “silly season”.

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