Your Best Life

Make no mistake – The Life of Your Dreams can easily be yours.

Everything you ever wanted. All you truly deserve.
The pathway is right in front of you.

I am Di Riseborough. I will be your guide

Just imagine what it will be like…

your self-confidence blossoming as you become “internally validating”, no longer subjugated by the need to seek outside approval, you trust yourself to make the difficult decisions with clarity, wisdom & self awareness

all your relationships moving forward in a more positive direction thanks to clear, guilt free communication, as you identify & establish boundaries with the “energy vampires” – coming from a place of self-empowerment, you now put YOUR needs first instead of those of the rest

your true passion of purpose reignited, enabling you to choose the right career path that leaves you feeling motivated & energized, successfully reveling in abundance – aided by new & effective organizing strategies, you still accomplish all necessary daily tasks, but now enjoy a better life balance

Your soul self growing & expanding through time invested in inner reflection – no longer chained to the “treadmill of life”, just reacting to the external world’s constant demands, your life becomes your own, to live as you desire!!!

Are you Ready to Really Live YOUR Life?


Before meeting Di I was living my life in repeat and I couldn’t understand why. Why was I attracting the same drama, why wasn’t my life moving forward in leaps and bounds… I had spent years trying to pretend that my past wasn’t that bad so I could hold my head high as someone “normal” in society… But that wasn’t the case. I was still carrying my past with me every day, it was buried deep but it was still there….

I made the decision to work with Di one on one. It has been the most difficult journey I’ve ever been on and it has made me appreciate my courage and my strength. I’ve taken my power back and my life. I completely embrace whi I and and every part of my life from the past, the present and the future to come.

This has been the best investment I’ve made ever.

Elizabeth Farr

Owner, Face of Hope

Expect a uniquely personalized approach

“Much of the coaching going on today has to do with clearly defining goals and then taking effective actions to accomplish them”, explains intuitive life strategist, Di Riseborough. “If satisfying these external requirements was all there was to living a deeply fulfilling life then a lot more people would be happy. You can build the most fantastic house, but if the foundation is unstable, eventually it all falls apart. To truly make a difference in your life, you have to start at a deeper place. You have to excavate down to uncover, and hone in on the real you. Traditional life coaching typically does not address your spirit and honor its path”

Ultimate Return on your Investment – The True “YOU”

Why do so many of Di’s clients rave about such a valuable return on investment? You may have had life coaching before, but you have never experienced anything like this. Di will work alongside you, guiding you as you explore and deepen your self-awareness, find true self-acceptance, and ultimately discover your soul’s essence, the gift of YOU in this world. As your intuitive life strategist, she will be there urging you on, as you learn to fully embrace all of “who you really are” with patience and love, and she will then teach you to weave all you’ll now know into the fabric of your life. You’ll begin to listen to your own intuition, and trust what you hear. You’ll learn tools to apply in your everyday life that will help you stay “present” in any given situation. Looking at your reality now from a fresh perspective, you will find the courage to stretch the boundaries that you had previously placed on your life. Your relationships with others, and more importantly, yourself, will deepen in more intimate, and fulfilling ways. You will become empowered to live from your core, first discovering, then manifesting a life authentic to your soul.

We are all on our own unique life journey, thus Di wisely tailors her unique process accordingly.

Unlike other “life coaches” Di does not believe in a one size-fits-all approach. Her style encourages action, yes, but it’s action based on self-reflection. Working with Di, at the pace that’s comfortable for you, you begin by discovering your innate essence, and building on your self-worth. Eventually, as you come to understand your true hopes and desires, your outer reality aligns with your inner expectations and you manifest the life that purely resonates with your soul. “Bringing change to one area of your life can automatically cause other areas to begin to shift as well”, affirms Di who has witnessed this evolution many times.


You are able to slow the pace to suit me. I liked that I don’t feel forced. I Like that I receive little nuggets to provoke thought and have the time to mull over the information and get comfortable with changes around that.

Donna Costa

Homeopath & Nutritional Consultant, Bowen Works, London

“As an Intuitive Life Strategist, my coaching can go beyond the traditional, purely “rational”, standard processes”, explains Di. “Certainly I draw on the practical experience and finely tuned interpersonal skills I acquired from numerous years in the business world, but my work is greatly enhanced by my intuitive gifts, along with my hard won life wisdom. Utilizing this unique combination, I can effectively assist my clients in first accessing a greater inner awareness of “who they really are” and then teach them how to integrate this knowledge, this more expansive connection to their “Authentic Self”, into their daily lives.”

“We are all responsible for our own choices. Even deciding to do nothing is still a choice. There is a lot of power in that knowledge, especially when you realize you can control your reality by making CONSCIOUS choices, instead of being governed all the time by the unconscious ones that STEM from outmoded beliefs based on past wounds, and negative experiences.

Right now, right this minute is a new beginning. Seize the day. Don’t delay! Each individual has the right to be happy with their lives, and their choices.”


It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power. Alan Cohen

Make the investment in yourself. Take the first step, with Di Riseborough as your guide. When you embark on the journey to do the work that will ultimately allow you to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE…

You will gain clarity on the most difficult question, “What do you REALLY WANT in your life?”

In simply discovering what’s most important to you, an enormous amount of energy is freed up creating a chain reaction that magnetically begins to pull you towards your true desires.

As your self-awareness is fine-tuned, you will readily identify how your self-limiting beliefs impede your life. It will become obvious how you have used fear, doubt, self-criticism, procrastination & lack of focus to create your own self sabotaging stumbling blocks.

Once you start to see your outmoded beliefs for what they are, fluid thoughts, ideas & opinions easily modified, as opposed to immovable irrefutable truths you must endure, then you can get on with replacing them with more a more positive, empowering life understanding that supports your well-being & self-esteem.

Yes, you can change your life

You will laugh, cry and, ultimately, feel fully empowered as, together with Di, you uncover new possibilities for creating more aliveness, abundance and freedom in your life.

If this sounds like what you seek, if all this calls out to you, Take the Next Step.

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